Four reasons for a Remote Home Monitoring System

Four Good Reasons to Get A Remote Home Monitoring System!

A good home alert system must have multiple features. Gone are the days when a home alert system would only have a door alarm that would get activated every time there was an unauthorized entry. Sure, a remote home monitoring system must have that basic feature but there are many more capabilities that are not just desireable but required including:

Keep The Home Secure

  • The most important feature of a home alert system would be to keep the premises and the house secured. In other words, there should be a door alarm. Additionally there could be security cameras recording events on the property around the clock along with motion sensors strategically placed to track suspicious movements.
  • Today’s motion sensors can be installed on doors and windows to create an invisible shield that gets breached every time an unauthorized person is in the vicinity or close to the sensors. When triggered, these sensors send a notification through the home sensor alert system to alert the owner of suspicious activity and even break-ins. The real time update can be very helpful in preventive crimes or limiting the damage.

Monitoring The Home Temperature

  • A good home alert system will monitor or track the temperature and humidity inside the house. A house can get cold in the winter if the heater doesn’t turn on. It can heat up in the summer if the air conditioning doesn’t turn on.
  • Even worse, if the heater or air conditioner is running when it doesn’t need to (such as when you are not at home), you could be wasting money in energy costs.
  • It can be helpful to monitor temperature drops during winter months when pipes are at risk of freezing. You can use a remote home monitoring system to be notified of all such temperature fluctuations and you can then change the thermostat settings to correct the problem. Keeping a home warm can prevent pipes from bursting which is bonus in anyone’s book.
  • Additionally, if the home monitoring system has a control feature, the owner can start the heater or A/C before reaching home to ensure the home is at comfortable temperature when arriving home. Imagine walking into your home that is set at the perfect temperature – well imagine no more!

Save Money

  • Saving money on energy bills is an important feature of home alert systems. As touched on above, a home sensor alert can notify you if you have forgotten to turn off the lights or if you have kept some appliances turned on. If the monitoring system has control capability, you can remotely disable or turn off such appliances. You can control the energy consumption at your home anytime you want and from wherever you are.

Emergency Alerts

  • Another critical feature that your home sensor alert system should possess is flood control. The remote home monitoring system should have sensors, ideally in the basement and near the water sources, which can sense and notify the owner of flooding. When water starts to accumulate in the basement or under the sink, it is one of the first indications of potential water problems including flooding. Water damage is one of the leading causes of home damage and it can all be prevented with a remote home monitoring system.

Those were four reasons for a remote home monitoring system but there are many more. The convenience and availablility of home monitoring system has brought these systems within reach of most people.