Best Apartment Security Camera

Picking the Best Apartment Security Camera

Our pick for the best security camera for apartments is the Blink Wireless Camera because it is portable.

What is a portable security camera? I’m defining it as a completely wireless camera which is perfect for apartment owners.

No Power Wires

You need to be able to place the security camera in the best position in the room. You probably want to have a clear view of the doorway.

In most cases, a security camera with a power cord is a POOR choice because it limits where you can place the camera.

If an intruder does enter your home, he can follow the cables directly to the camera!

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Wireless Connection To The Internet

Same as above but actually even worse! While most rooms have many power outlets, there is only 1 internet connection in the entire apartment!.

Wireless is better because connecting the internet through a cable means

  1. ugly cables can be seen in your apartment
  2. routing cables around doorways and windows may mean they don’t close properly
  3. drilling holes and pushing cables through the walls may break the rental contract or HOA rules.

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Easy to Disassemble

You probably won’t live at this apartment forever. When leaving the apartment, you’ll want a security camera that is quick and easy to pick up, pack up, and take with you.

See Your Apartment On Your Smartphone

See what is going on in your apartment using your smartphone. It really is a remote home monitoring system!

More information on why the Blink Wireless Camera Page is the best apartment security camera is here along with a handy comparison table.