Apartment Monitoring

Apartment Monitoring Systems

There are advantages and limitations to apartment living that affect which equipment you may want to buy. First, let’s write down the pros and cons of apartment monitoring systems.


  1. Can’t drill holes in the wall.
  2. Neighbor noise could set off alarm.
  3. Periodic maintenance crews can set off alarm.
  4. Stuck with power plug placement (see #1)


  1. Smaller area so easier to monitor
  2. Fewer cameras needed to cover the entire apartment
  3. Maintenance people can be called if an appliance problem is discovered.

Best Camera Systems for Apartments

The new Blink cameras have the advantage of not requiring a power plug. They will run for about a year on the battery. The ability to place the camera anywhere in the apartment and monitor it remotely makes this our favorite system.

Read more details about the Bink Camera System here.