Apartment Security Camera

The best choice for an apartment security camera must be 1) easy to setup, 2) video on smartphone, 3) priced right.

Oh, and Good Looks

Would you agree that this camera looks pretty sweet?

1 Camera
2 Cameras
3 Cameras

One camera that we looked at stood out.

  1. Easy Setup
    • It runs off a battery and therefore can be placed anywhere in the house
  2. Video on Smartphone
    • The apartment camera can be monitored from a smart phone.
    • Live or recorded video.
  3. Priced Right
    • No monthly fee.
    • Priced around $100

What??? Tell me more…

Wireless Apartment Security Camera – Powered By Batteries

Wireless usually means the video is sent wirelessly but a wall outlet power supply is still needed. The Blink wireless camera uses batteries so you can place the camera anywhere you want.

Battery Life

The battery should last a year or more with normal use.

One way they reduce power is with motion detection. Normally the Blink is sleeping but if motion is detected, the video turns on and starts recording.

Wireless Cameras Are Ideal For Apartments

Most apartments don’t allow residents to cut into the walls to route cables.

So you’re stuck with leaving the cables showing but who wants to step over cables in their own house?

Monitor Apartment Security From Your SmartPhone

Both Android Apple iOS Apps are available to view the camera’s picture. Notification that motion has been detected and video recording has started also occurs through the app.

No Monthly Security Fee

Some monthly monitoring fees are around $20/month! At that price, after 5 months, you could buy another camera!

Just buy the camera and view it with the SmartPhone. The cloud storage is free.

Live or Recorded Video

As stated above, the motion activated camera sleeps when it isn’t being used. However, as soon as motion is detected, the camera starts recording and sends a notification.

But if you want to see what is happening in the home at a later time, that is possible too with the included cloud storage from Blink. Keep in mind that limiting the amount of video recording will make the battery last as long as possible.

Affordable Apartment Security Camera Video Monitoring

We mentioned above that no monthly fee is required. You become the monitoring service with the app.

So this is probably really expensive, right? Nope, this is very affordable. A single camera is around $100 and with more than 1, the Amazon Blink price listed here is even cheaper!

ImageDescription# of CamerasPrice
Single Blink Camera1< $100
Blink 2 Camera System2< $175
3 Camera Blink System3< $225
Blink 5 Camera System5< $325