Home Safety Alert

Home Safety Alert For Elderly Parents!

There are various kinds of home alert systems. From the humble door alarm to comprehensive home safety monitoring systems complete with security cameras and remote control of electrical appliances and even light fixtures, there are myriad choices at your disposal. While you should consider comprehensive security in a home safety alert system, you must check its relevance when it comes to monitoring the health and safety of elderly parents.

When you have elderly parents back home, you want to be proactive with their care. If the elderly parents are ailing, relatively helpless, and don’t have round the clock supervision, then you have to be all the more cautious. Not every American family can afford around the clock healthcare or professional assistance for elderly parents. The best one can do is have a home safety monitoring system that would keep us informed of the state of our elderly parents at all times.

A home safety monitoring system for elderly parents is not very different from having a remote control to home safety alert systems, but there is the difference in the types of notifications being sent and the appliances or tools that the home alert system is connected to.

A typical remote home safety monitoring system will allow you to use your smart phone or tablet to keep a check on alarms, air conditioning and heating systems, security cameras, electrical appliances and light fixtures among others. You will receive real time notifications from safety alerts and you can manage the settings or functioning of all the fixtures connected to the smart phone or tablet via a home alert system. For elderly parents, you need this same home safety alert system to be hooked to any and every sensor and appliance you have that can indicate and give you the exact whereabouts and condition of your elderly parents.

Home Safety Alerts

You may be aware that there are many different alarms such as

  • bed alarms
  • mat safety alarms
  • chair alarm
  • personal bands
  • wheelchair alarm
  • door strip alarm
  • vital signs monitoring alarm

Additionally there are panic buttons which have been in use for some time now. All these alarms or sensors can be connected to a smart phone or tablet and will relay these notifications in real time if your elderly parents are safe or if they are not in trouble.

For instance, you can get notified if your elderly parent falls down, if there is a sudden and significant change in the vital signs, if a parent trips against a door or simply doesn’t show much movement as is expected over a period of time. Depending on the exact state of an elderly parent, a home safety alert system meant for such purposes will send immediate notifications and then you can initiate appropriate action.

Unsupervised elderly parents are at inherent risks but you can take the initiative and install a remote home safety alert system for their safety. Staying notified in real time is the best way to provide timely attention to them. Such home safety monitoring systems can also be hooked to smart phones or tablets used by doctors and local emergency services so there can be an immediate response.