Remote Home Security Monitoring

Are You Monitoring Your Home Security Remotely?

Most American families use some kind of home security system. There are many companies making such systems and choosing one depends on your budget, personal requisites and preferences, American families choose from a wide range of home security systems. Some systems just use alarms which get activated in case of unauthorized or suspicious entries. In terms of home security systems, these are the most commonly installed systems across the country.

Remote Home Security Monitoring

Lately, a staggering number of American homes are getting security cameras installed. Most of them are installed strategically to cover entries and exits and some parts of the home, especially those that are not completely private. Some homes have security cameras installed outside as well, to cover the lawns or yards and even the roads in front and the area at the back. Having blanket coverage with home security cameras is an effective strategy. You cannot be safer when it comes to your possessions and more importantly the security of your loved ones.

If you don’t have a home security system, you must evaluate the important items when shopping for one. If you are in the market for a home security system, you should opt for remote home monitoring. Today, many systems come preloaded with the remote home monitoring capability. Older systems don’t have this feature. Remote home monitoring is becoming more commonplace and is no longer a luxury. It not only makes things convenient, it is becoming a necessity. Let us see why.

Typical Home Security Monitoring Limitations

When remote keys to the garage door became popular and keyless entry to cars became common, they were hailed as innovative developments meant to make matters more convenient. But such operations have a limitation, even today. There is a perimeter or distance which will restrict your control of the system. You have to be in direct sight of the frequency receiver or you have to be within a certain preset area. That doesn’t really work when we talk about home security. After all, we want to be able to leave our homes.

Remote home security monitoring today is routed via smart phones and tablets. You don’t have to be anywhere near your home. You can be in another city for that matter. You can control every element of your home security system if it is hooked to remote home monitoring. The power lies in your hands and in your smart phone or tablet.

Remote Home Security Monitoring Advantages

These are a few of the advantages that quickly come to mind when thinking about the advantages of Remote Home Security.

  • You can control enabling the alarm,
  • you can change alarm codes and settings if you want,
  • you can manage the video cameras,
    • their movements if you have such a feature,
    • you can delete old footage to make space for new recordings,
    • you can access footage if you want and the real time notification system will allow you to stay updated at all times.

Traditional home security or alarm systems notify the local cops and it is only after you get a phone call that you may know there was a break-in or an unauthorized entry. In fact, you may not receive any call in many cases.

With remote home monitoring, you are the first one to know. You would even get to spot movements in your home using state-of-the-art remote home monitoring security cameras.