Apartment Security Camera Setup

When setting up the security camera in your apartment, consider 1) What is being monitored, 2) Security camera power source, 3) If the camera is hidden.

Apartment Security Camera Setup

Setup the apartment security camera to view the doors and windows of the apartment. If only one camera is available, you should point the camera toward the entry door.

If there are 2 or more entry doors, see if there is a common room between the 2 doors and position the camera to monitor that room.

Powering the Security Camera

Security Cameras Powered from Power Outlet

After deciding where to position the camera as described above, look for wall outlets near that position. If there are no outlets, an extension cord may be needed.

Security Cameras Powered from Batteries

Some apartment security cameras are powered by batteries. In this case, you can position the camera anywhere. This allows you to place the camera in the ideal position.

Most times, the ideal position is also a location where the camera may be hidden. See the section on hiding the apartment security camera below.

The disadvantage of batteries is that you need to check them periodically and then change them regularly.

Hiding the Security Camera

An intruder can look for clues to where the camera is located. Following the internet cable to the apartment security camera is located is the first thing an experienced intruder will look for. Other clues would be power supply cables leading to the camera.

Apartment security camera setup may be dictated by the terms of the apartment lease. If the apartment is being rented, the rental contract normally doesn’t allow drilling holes in the walls or doing other permanent modifications. Choose the camera location based on where the internet connection and power supply are located.

Apartments are smaller than typical houses which means fewer places to hide the apartment security cameras. Use bookcases or writing desk to cover the cables.

Tuck the internet cable underneath the floor molding. This is harder to do on corners but can be done.

Field Of View of the Apartment Security Camera

There are 2 types of security cameras – normal and wide angle – to consider and the choice is important during apartment security camera setup.

Normal view will typically match what your eyes would see when viewing the room.

Wide angle security cameras capture more information because it covers a larger area. However, to grab all the information, the items in the picture will be smaller. If detail is important, the normal view would be a better choice.

Since apartments are typically smaller, the detail view is not as important as covering as much of the room as possible. Therefore a wide angle security camera is usually a better choice for apartments but there are exceptions to every rule.

Choosing an Apartment Security Camera

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