Remote Home Monitoring and the Cloud

Remote Home Monitoring and the Cloud

Physically arming and disarming your alarms is passé. You can still do it but it isn’t necessary when you have the power of remote home monitoring.

You don’t need to be physically present to make changes or to monitor your home alert systems. You don’t have to be within 50 feet or even 300 ft to have access to remote features. You can access you home alerts in the cloud from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Today, because of ready-to-use remote home monitoring and the home monitor cloud infrastructures, you can access your home alert systems from anywhere in the world and you can ensure home security at all times.

Remote home monitoring has become common and affordable and is no longer only for the elite. Using a smart phone or tablet to monitor and control home alert systems is not just for fictional spies in movies. They are available, affordable and you can customize them to your home security needs.


The benefits of a remote home monitoring system working in tandem with the cloud are detailed below.

  • Home alert systems are connected to a server. The systems include almost everything and whatever you want to hook up. From the traditional door alarms to motion sensors on doors and windows, glass breakage sensors to carbon monoxide detectors, temperature sensors to flood sensors, freeze detectors to the now humble security cameras, all your systems can be hooked to the server that in turn connects to the cloud. From the cloud you can access the data on your smart phone or tablet.
  • The cloud is typically a server on the internet that provides a host of services. Data is sent and stored in the cloud where it may be accessed later from a home computer or mobile device. The systems or home alert devices will directly connect with the servers in the cloud. The servers in the cloud also come with storage facilities so you don’t have to download piles of data onto your smart phone or tablet. You only access the data you need at the time you need it.
  • While you do get real time notifications of how every home alert device and the entire system is functioning, you can also use your smart phone or tablet to check data from the past. You can choose to make changes to the settings or download the data. You can delete old footage that is not necessary after reviewing it. You can study changes in the settings or a detailed history and you can even study trends so you know if you are making the best use of the remote home monitoring system. The home monitor cloud interface will also allow you to identify any mistakes you have been making or how you can improve your use of the entire security apparatus.
  • From immediate or real time notifications to extracting old data at any point in time as needed, home monitor cloud storage and services will ensure that you are in absolute control of your home security and the entire home alert system.